B.N.S. English School
We are delighted to announce that admissions are now open for the upcoming academic year 2024-2025 at B.N.S. English School! Nestled in the heart of our vibrant community, B.N.S. English School is committed to providing exceptional education and fostering holistic development in our students.


One of the world's leading School providing safe & compassionate care at its best for everyone.. Aspire to build strong foundation for students based on the value of knowledge. Nurturing future leaders and global citizens. Learning is acquiring new knowledge, behaviors, skills, values or preferences. Developing the intellectual, aesthetic, moral, physical and social potential of the students. An enthusiastic and fully trained faculty ensures that the students realize his or her full potential. Development describes the growth of humans throughout the learning process.

Our Mission

Education is necessary for human beings like other necessities eg. as food, clothe and residence. Due to the lack of education, humans behave like animals. Since learning process is continued from cradle to grave, During this spam human beings continue to learn from nature, natural events, different behaviours of human and other creatures. In this process human get knowledge about nation, society, family and self responsibilities by some intellectuals to whom we call teachers.

Our Vision

After independence praise worthy efforts have been done to make education in the easy way by government, social organizations and devoted people of constructive society. But increasing population and prices created barriers. During that period unavailability of an educational institutes in Naria inspired me to lay a foundation stone for a school. Consequently this internet inspiration blooded into a B.N.S. educational institute on 27th Feb, 1978. In due course of time the following institutes are being run by it. 1. B.N.S. English School, Naria, B.H.U., Varanasi is affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi. 2. R.N.S. Inter College, Naria, B.H.U., Varanasi is affiliated to U.P. Board. 3. B.N.S. School, Kursato, near Chaukhandi Railway Station, Varanasi which is affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi.

Facilities at B.N.S. English School

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Designing a school playground with a focus on sports and games offers numerous opportunities for physical activity, social interaction.

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Dance Room

Creating a dedicated Dance Room in a school offers a space where students can express themselves .

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Kids Play Area

kids' play area surrounded by lush greenery and various play equipment offers an inviting and stimulating environment for children

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classrooms with smart boards and multimedia devices enhances teaching and learning experiences by incorporating interactive technology and multimedia resources.

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Activity program can greatly enhance the overall student experience and contribute to their holistic development

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Computer Lab

computer lab with the latest technology and tools provides students with valuable resources to enhance their learning experiences and develop

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chemistry lab involves careful planning to ensure safety, functionality, and effectiveness in conducting experiments and demonstrations.

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Providing sports facilities in schools is essential for promoting physical activity, teamwork, and overall well-being among students.