All the classes from I to x are divided into three categories. Following is the procedure of Library Operation. All the students have a fixed place in the library & they sit accordingly.

    I) Class to II :
    Basically interaction with the students in English. Telling them the meaning and utility of Library. Telling stories to them in English and Hindi. Asking them to narrate the story in brief, about the moral of the story, health & hygiene, discipline, honesty etc. Giving story books to them in simple English & Hindi.

    II) Class III to V :
    Maintenance of Library copy to note important point, facts & figures, moral of the story, noting difficult words with meaning. One good quotation and one amazing fact are dictated to them on ever library period. Ten minutes are given for reading the new paper and nothing the main heading especially from politic and sports. Sometime I call the students one by one & ask them to make a loud reading for the entire class (emphasis on pronunciation and spelling). Frequently I arrange for G.K. and science Quiz, debate on certain topic (aim is to make students fluent in English) & ask them to write a story in English at home in brief (in order to develop the writing skill & imaginative poser).

    III).Class VI to X:
    The following types of books are not issued at home. They are given only in the library for reading – Newspaper, magazines, Encyclopedia, and Reference Books Dictionary, thesaurus etc.). In the meantime students are called one by one & books are issued to them.

    1st Week …. English Story Books
    2nd week … Science & Technology
    3rd week … GK & Current Awareness
    4th week … Hindi Story Books

    Frequently I arrange for quiz & debate among the students. They are also required to maintain Library copy.